Cocaine Addiction In Texas

Cocaine use in Texas is a real concern, as the side-effects of this dangerous drug are well-known to everybody. Despite the fact that it is usually the adults who consume cocaine in Texas, teenagers do it as well, unaware of the fact that it is highly addicted. There are around 26 million people in the state of Texas, and according to statistics around 2% of them have tries cocaine at least once. The number of potential drug addicts is very high, and this is a serious problem that should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem that should be addressed in real-time, as the long-term effects include decreased appetite, loss of weight, paranoia, restlessness, irritability and a plethora of other symptoms that can affect one's interaction with those that surround him. Moreover, using cocaine also increases the risk of HIV and other life-threatening diseases. Illicit substances like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and meth are illegally introduced in some of the biggest cities in Texas on a daily basis.

What makes cocaine truly dangerous is that it can be taken in many ways, from snorting and injecting to smoking it, the first two being the most commonly used ways of taking this drug. The patient notices immediate effects, like elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia, anxiety and such.

An Overview Of Rehab Centers In Texas

Fortunately, if you or somebody you know is addicted to consuming this drug on a regular basis, then you should know that there are several different types of rehab centers you can find in the State of Texas. Gender-specific centers are widely spread here, and these are basically centers designed exclusively for men or for women.

When it comes to treating this addiction, it must be mentioned that there are several different approaches that have been tested and found to be highly effective. Generally speaking, long-term cocaine addiction involves long-term counseling and care, and some insurance companies can partially or totally finance the cost of the treatment. At the same time, other treatment options include medical and psychiatric help, group therapy, a 12-step recovery plan that is widely used in the centers of Texas or one-on-one therapy, where the patient is along with the therapist. The latter is considered to be one of the most efficient treatment methods at the moment.

One of the main aspects that make rehab centers so effective and able to treat tens of thousands of patients yearly is that they couple substance abuse treatment with long-term prevention services for those who want to lead productive, long and fulfilling lives, away from drugs. At the moment, there are numerous rehab centers in the biggest cities in Texas, like Houston or Dallas.

A recent survey has revealed that approximately 6% of the Texas residents have tried illicit drugs at least once, and despite the fact that the number of deaths caused by drugs in Texas is slightly lower than the national average, drug abuse is still a serious matter. In 2010, there were approximately 3,000 cases of submissions to drug rehab centers for the treatment of cocaine abuse, while the number of submissions for the treatment of marijuana was twice as high.