Ecstasy Addiction In Texas

Ecstasy is the most commonly used club drug in Texas, and there are over 400 treatment and recovery centers in Texas that can help drug addicts overcome their addiction and live a normal, balanced life again. Those who consume ecstasy on a regular basis are at high risk of overdosing, which can be fatal as it can trigger heart failure. Moreover, side effects are commonly experienced by those who use this drug, and they can last for several hours.

Short-Term And Long-Term Side Effects Of Ecstasy Abuse

On the other hand, the long-term effects of ecstasy are well known as well: despite the fact that it may not be as addictive as other street drugs like crack cocaine or heroine, long-term consumption of ecstasy can cause tremors, sweating, teeth clinching, tinted vision, hypertension, anxiety and panic attacks, heat stroked and many others. At the same time, it is not uncommon for those who consume ecstasy to experience hallucinations as well. The reason why thousands of people in Texas use ecstasy is the overall feeling of happiness, joy and well-being induced by this drug.

Ecstasy Treatment And Prevention Centers In Texas

The ecstasy treatment centers and facilities in texas deal both with treatment and relapse prevention for texas Residents. Generally speaking, these treatments focus on both ecstasy and MDMA, both drug addictions being extremely difficult to overcome. A holistic approach is generally the best treatment to help the patient fight the craving, as generally the addiction is accompanied by more serious underlying causes, such as a bipolar disorder or another type of mental condition. The patients also receive the moral and mental support along with the proper medication they need to prevent or manage withdrawal symptoms.

The holistic treatment approach used by most addiction and prevention centers in Texas is aimed at treating the cause, not the symptoms of the addiction. Otherwise stated, treating the symptoms is not enough if the patient continues to use the drug in the long term. In addition to helping patients go back to their old lives, these treatment centers also encourage them to love healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives

Statistics Regarding The Use Of Ecstasy In The State Of Texas

When it comes to common club drugs, there are several types that are very prevalent in Texas and the surrounding states. Ecstasy, LSD or GHB are three of the most commonly used ones, and as statistics reveal at least one out of 10 high school students have tried ecstasy at least once in their lives. At the same time, statistics from 2009 reveal that over 1300 people that abused ecstasy were admitted to various treatment and prevention centers across Texas to receive the help they need to deal with their addiction.

What is even more concerning is that besides the fact that the number of ecstasy users is very high, the average age of the consumer is less than 25 years old. Otherwise stated, most of those who consume ecstasy are in their mid twenties and they usually consume the drug when clubbing.