Pasadena, Texas - Fees On A Sliding Scale

Each person who needs drug rehab should at all costs be able to access this priceless treatment so that they can mend their lives. Regrettably, many alcohol and drug addicted individuals in Pasadena hesitate receiving help because they believe they simply cannot afford it. This is in fact very often the case, although a lot of drug treatment facilities have instituted what is known as a sliding fee scale which may be used to help certain men and women get the assistance they need. Sliding fee scales are decided on an one-on-one basis based off of the individual's circumstances like income, housing, family size etc. It is not uncommon for people to fall into particular categories which could help them qualify for this type of payment arrangement and it has helped a lot of people in Pasadena be able to fund rehabilitation. People can see if they are eligible for a sliding fee scale by speaking to a rehab professional right away.

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