Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility - What To Expect

Most alcohol addicts experience a lot of apprehension when they have to check into an alcohol rehabilitation facility. This is because all those components that had provided predictability to their life can be turned 180 degrees all on a sudden. The addict may have to stay away from his/her family and friends and be with total strangers for some period of time. Moreover, the addict will have to move out of his/her comfort zone. This article aims to provide some information as to what you can expect, if you have made up your mind to seek rehabilitation, at any alcohol rehabilitation facility. This information will be helpful in making you feel at ease and start your de-addiction program with confidence.

Intake Interview

On your arrival at the alcohol rehabilitation facility, you will be interviewed by a skilled intake therapist. He/she will ask many personal questions to you. This is to diagnose the real cause of your alcohol addiction problem and identify if any psychological disorders also coexist. The intake therapist makes use of specific standardized criteria to evaluate your condition. It is very important that you cooperate with the intake therapist as the interview will provide the basis for designing your treatment at the alcohol rehabilitation facility.

Orientation Program

On completion of the intake interview, you will be provided with the information booklet and the orientation packet. The contents of the orientation program may vary from one alcohol rehabilitation facility to another, but it will definitely consist of a document referred to as Patient's Bill of Rights as entitled by law. The packet may also include information such as schedule of activities, history of the alcohol rehabilitation facility, insurance details and others related to your stay at the center.

You may also be taken around the alcohol rehabilitation facility as well as your living quarters. Your belongings will be thoroughly searched and things you are not allowed to keep with you will be removed. Your possessions may either be kept in the locker or destroyed based on legal provisions. Some rehab centers may require you to follow a dress code.

You may also meet the team that will work with you and help you get rid of your alcohol addiction problem. Typically, the team will consist of a therapist, physician, case manager and/or social worker and support people. Some alcohol rehab centers may also make use of the services of a nutritionist and sometimes an activities director. Often, the team remains unchanged throughout the duration of your treatment program at the alcohol rehabilitation facility.

Physical Examination

Most often you will have to go through a physical examination on the first day of your stay at the rehab center. Blood and urine analysis will be carried out in order to find out as to how much of the addictive substance is in your system. You may also be subjected to screening for tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. The physician will discuss the test results with you and make recommendations for assistance in dealing with your alcohol addiction problem.

Inpatient Treatment Program

On the basis of the intake interview, physical examination findings and test results, your team at the alcohol rehabilitation facility will draw out a personalized plan for treatment. The treatment program starts with a detox which generally lasts for two to five days depending on the severity of your addiction.

If you have been abusing alcohol for a long period of time, you can't quit "cold turkey" without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You may be prescribed certain medications in such a case.

At the alcohol rehabilitation facility, you will be educated as to how alcoholism affects you as well as your body. You will also be equipped to overcome temptations and avoid situations so as to prevent a relapse.

In addition, the alcohol rehabilitation facility will also organize individual as well as group therapy.

The inpatient alcohol addiction treatment program may last for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days depending on the seriousness of your addiction.

Summarizing, you need not be apprehensive about what is in store for you at an alcohol rehabilitation facility. The procedure that you go through will only help you get rid of your alcohol addiction and the only interest of the staff members in the facility is to support you in your pursuit of leading an alcohol free life.